Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 4

 For my fourth project i decided to tackle on the paper sculpture. At the beginning of this project, I was contemplating on making a scenery but with a book. I decided to make one book into a window and the other as the actual scenery. I started cutting the window out of of the book, what I didn't think of was the amount of work and effort that it took to get from one side of the book to the other side. The first book took about five to six hours of non stop cutting, and the second book took about two hours of cutting and assembling.
The second book was kind of a simple concept, all I did was a fence, two cows and a section of a tree. But no matter the simplicity of the scenery, the over all piece came together.
I knew that once i put every thing together it would look like i wanted it to.

 After finishing the two books, i needed to take the picture. This was probably the hardest thing because i needed a background with a source of light, and i needed to line up my camera with the window so it would look like you were looking out of it into the outside.

 After many failed attempts of using different lights and backgrounds, i decided to put both books on top of a laptop that had a YouTube video playing of the night sky, and then put everything in a dark room, with in the middle of the day, the only room that was dark enough was the a my closet. Imagine me laying on the floor trying my best to line up the shot while in complete darkness. since the amount of light was little to none, my camera need time to take the picture, so not only did i have to find the right angle to take a photo, i needed to stay completely still so i wouldn't mess up the shot.

 Finally after hours of trying to get the right shot, i caught a break and got a good image. The final results were very pleasing, especially after the amount of work i put into this. This piece doesn't have a meaning, I just wanted to do something new and find a new way to create an image.

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