Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 1

For my first project I decided to make perspective drawing of a guy sitting on the edge of a building, looking down at an empty Time Square look alike. I was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Vertigo" and the scene were the main character looks over the edge of a building an experiences the effects of Vertigo. I wanted to recreate that moment with this piece and also wanted to experiment with this new point of view.

Creating this art work was very difficult, I made the decision of using ink as my medium. I did not realize that not only is it tedious to use ink on regular paper, but i wanted to use a ink wash look too it, so there was a lot of waiting for stuff to dry.

It was easy to create the main drawing for this piece, since it was mostly using POV Technics. But actually bringing it all together was a very hard task, I didn't want my buildings to be too realistic, but i didn't want them to look like long rectangles. So i compromised, i added blunt details in my building but left them simple enough the viewer has to think on on what it represents.

   Over all, im satisfied with my work, but im kind of disappointed that I didn't get to go a level deeper like i wanted to, since it would of over taken the whole thing. When taking the picture of this piece i tried zooming in really fast which made the sides blury, and it kind of gave it the Vertigo look to it.

 And then I added a simple filter to make it seem more movie poster like, if you were to see it on an actual Movie Poster from 1963.

Project 4

 For my fourth project i decided to tackle on the paper sculpture. At the beginning of this project, I was contemplating on making a scenery but with a book. I decided to make one book into a window and the other as the actual scenery. I started cutting the window out of of the book, what I didn't think of was the amount of work and effort that it took to get from one side of the book to the other side. The first book took about five to six hours of non stop cutting, and the second book took about two hours of cutting and assembling.
The second book was kind of a simple concept, all I did was a fence, two cows and a section of a tree. But no matter the simplicity of the scenery, the over all piece came together.
I knew that once i put every thing together it would look like i wanted it to.

 After finishing the two books, i needed to take the picture. This was probably the hardest thing because i needed a background with a source of light, and i needed to line up my camera with the window so it would look like you were looking out of it into the outside.

 After many failed attempts of using different lights and backgrounds, i decided to put both books on top of a laptop that had a YouTube video playing of the night sky, and then put everything in a dark room, with in the middle of the day, the only room that was dark enough was the a my closet. Imagine me laying on the floor trying my best to line up the shot while in complete darkness. since the amount of light was little to none, my camera need time to take the picture, so not only did i have to find the right angle to take a photo, i needed to stay completely still so i wouldn't mess up the shot.

 Finally after hours of trying to get the right shot, i caught a break and got a good image. The final results were very pleasing, especially after the amount of work i put into this. This piece doesn't have a meaning, I just wanted to do something new and find a new way to create an image.

Project 3

For my third project, I once again used digital as my media to create my Mythical Creature. This time I wanted to focus on value, so instead of filling in the drawing with different colors and shades to create value, I made is so I only used shadows and highlights to create value. The Creature it self was a mix of a bat meets gargoyle with a bit of human characteristic. I went in blind on this one as well, no planing and no references, i just started drawing the face to make it resemble a bat but at the same time make it look more original, that's why i added the hard shell with the antenna sticking out. i really went in depth when coming up with the creature, i came up with a background story before I started drawing.   
I wanted to go from a 2D image to a 3D creature by only adding shadows and highlights, which was a very tedious task since I had to think about  shapes and how the light curved around the object.
 After many hours of shading and adding value, I realized that it looked a little hollowed and had no color. So I added a some color to tie it all together but I did not want the color to overwhelm the entire piece, so I added in places were color was needed.

I am Satisfied with the end result, but at the same time i am disappointed on the simplicity and lack of meaning in my piece. My art usually has an underling meaning and this one doesn't really have one. Other than that, i think the value is good, the idea is good and the challenges that i ran into helped me understand value.

Project 2

For my second project i did not plan or gathered references because it was kind of a rushed project. After choosing a subject, I decided to create an image that is entirely made from one continuous line. I started by making random shapes on Photoshop until I got a shape that resembled a building, with the same process I continued to make the rest of the buildings, each one as unique as the last. After hours of fail attempts, I finally got a city that I was satisfied with and and was visually balanced.
 Then I added some color so the different buildings could be distinguished from one another. I wanted the colors to stand out because the background and the lines for the buildings could not be distinguished and the only way to see the buildings was to add a light source.
Finally, it was time to add the glove that covers the city. I think this was the easiest part because all I had to do was make a round shape and then used a mask to make the glove match the continuous line idea.

I was satisfied with my end product, the whole thing turned out the way I wanted it to. My whole idea was to make a city that was completely enclosed by this glass sphere, and that is what i accomplished.