Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 3

For my third project, I once again used digital as my media to create my Mythical Creature. This time I wanted to focus on value, so instead of filling in the drawing with different colors and shades to create value, I made is so I only used shadows and highlights to create value. The Creature it self was a mix of a bat meets gargoyle with a bit of human characteristic. I went in blind on this one as well, no planing and no references, i just started drawing the face to make it resemble a bat but at the same time make it look more original, that's why i added the hard shell with the antenna sticking out. i really went in depth when coming up with the creature, i came up with a background story before I started drawing.   
I wanted to go from a 2D image to a 3D creature by only adding shadows and highlights, which was a very tedious task since I had to think about  shapes and how the light curved around the object.
 After many hours of shading and adding value, I realized that it looked a little hollowed and had no color. So I added a some color to tie it all together but I did not want the color to overwhelm the entire piece, so I added in places were color was needed.

I am Satisfied with the end result, but at the same time i am disappointed on the simplicity and lack of meaning in my piece. My art usually has an underling meaning and this one doesn't really have one. Other than that, i think the value is good, the idea is good and the challenges that i ran into helped me understand value.

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