Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 1

For my first project I decided to make perspective drawing of a guy sitting on the edge of a building, looking down at an empty Time Square look alike. I was inspired by the Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Vertigo" and the scene were the main character looks over the edge of a building an experiences the effects of Vertigo. I wanted to recreate that moment with this piece and also wanted to experiment with this new point of view.

Creating this art work was very difficult, I made the decision of using ink as my medium. I did not realize that not only is it tedious to use ink on regular paper, but i wanted to use a ink wash look too it, so there was a lot of waiting for stuff to dry.

It was easy to create the main drawing for this piece, since it was mostly using POV Technics. But actually bringing it all together was a very hard task, I didn't want my buildings to be too realistic, but i didn't want them to look like long rectangles. So i compromised, i added blunt details in my building but left them simple enough the viewer has to think on on what it represents.

   Over all, im satisfied with my work, but im kind of disappointed that I didn't get to go a level deeper like i wanted to, since it would of over taken the whole thing. When taking the picture of this piece i tried zooming in really fast which made the sides blury, and it kind of gave it the Vertigo look to it.

 And then I added a simple filter to make it seem more movie poster like, if you were to see it on an actual Movie Poster from 1963.

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