Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 2

For my second project i did not plan or gathered references because it was kind of a rushed project. After choosing a subject, I decided to create an image that is entirely made from one continuous line. I started by making random shapes on Photoshop until I got a shape that resembled a building, with the same process I continued to make the rest of the buildings, each one as unique as the last. After hours of fail attempts, I finally got a city that I was satisfied with and and was visually balanced.
 Then I added some color so the different buildings could be distinguished from one another. I wanted the colors to stand out because the background and the lines for the buildings could not be distinguished and the only way to see the buildings was to add a light source.
Finally, it was time to add the glove that covers the city. I think this was the easiest part because all I had to do was make a round shape and then used a mask to make the glove match the continuous line idea.

I was satisfied with my end product, the whole thing turned out the way I wanted it to. My whole idea was to make a city that was completely enclosed by this glass sphere, and that is what i accomplished.                                                          

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